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Bethel Soap - A Beautiful Life Soap

Bethel Soap - A Beautiful Life Soap

  • $12.00

Hydrate plus Exfoliate ~ try this for under 9.99 

Special Shea Butter Oatmeal Soap with a combination of Frankincense, Lavender and Coconut oil. Hand poured into a natural loofah.  These essential oils 🥥 are useful in anti-aging, as wrinkle and cellulite fighters, reducing age spots, moisturizing, scar reduction, aid in natural collagen production, helps to remove dead skin and improve acne.  All this and exfoliate with the natural loofah! 

🌱 All Natural Organic ~ Made essential oils 

🤚Hand  poured 

🛀 Luxurious In Bath or shower 🚿 

📦 Individually wrapped

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