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Gabriel Chest Best Chest of Drawers for Boys! Boys sharing a Room? Dark and Light Wood Dresser ~ Free Shipping

  • $2,090.00

Featuring the Gabriel Chest, this brown-stained drawered cabinet is beautifully created from Stained Oak Wood. It is framed in an off-white finish and offers generous storage. Offers a total of 18 drawers with easy division of use without taking up a lot of space. Save on floor space with lots of storage.

Very Large Chest of Drawers especially great for boys room.  More than one or  boys sharing a room?  This is the best chest to calm the chaos!

Oak wood with dark drawers and top for a masculine setting.  The unique combination of light and dark wood will compliment any room decor.

Height 51 inches

Width 43 inches

Depth 18 inches

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